boo! says...

Thursday, 9 June 2011

boo says "OMG!"

It's been more than a year since my last post?! This is habitual lapsing. This is chronic. This has become ritualistic!

Ah well. So I'll make an annual pilgrimage here then... time to sleep.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

boo says "A nice office is home away from home"

Here with the second light on. Sweet mood.

Paper bags contain & keep out of view loose items that tend to clutter work tops. boo da genius! :-)

So gonna miss the sofa!
Toying with opting for sofa with low long coffee table as desk in new office. Radical but workable frankly. Sure would create a whole different mind-frame in that space. Hmm, worth giving it more thought.

Me likey my office mucho mucho! Occupying it since Sept 2008. Back wall is painted sweet baby blue. Come to think of it, mine is the only personnel office that has a colour feature wall. Even boss's office is standard issue white. Then again, standard issue white is one of the key ingredients of the overall ultra-modern personality (bordering on minimalism).

Back to my 'Blue Room', it looks & feels its best at night under warm lighting. The city skyline view from the window at night rocks! Unfortunately not going to enjoy this room for much longer. Swapping rooms with my next door neighbour. Going to be a wee smaller space but cannot wait all the same! Will miss this sweet calming room; it has so far been nice to me. Plan to replicate this layout & arrangement in the new space. Only diff would be colour scheme change from baby blue to earthy or choc brown! Should be yummy! boo cannot wait!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

boo says "are you freakin' kidding me?"

i guess it's my turn to get pummelled into the rocks. god give me the strength to weather the storm & hail. i wouldn't mind a little divine aid to help minimise damage... thanking you in advance... this is the grown-up take-it-on-the-chin boo speaking...

THIS is the mad-as-hell flaming-red-horns-of-wrath boo speaking... how does one teach someone the moral of "If you don't do the work, you're not gonna get paid. What's more, you're gonna pay for it for letting the buck stop with me"?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

boo owes George Lucas...

... a belated Thank You (recent experience with Video Games Live reminded me of another original who redefined movie standards in his time) I was mailed a marvellous 8"x 10" black n white autographed photograph from George Lucas when I was 16. It arrived on the first day of trial exams for SPM making me the happiest kid to ever take any major exam! Grinned all through exam week putting green-eyed evil fear into every A-student in school! Today this priceless memento that captured a very youthful Georgie alongside Chewbacca on set enjoys special status in my office. Hard to put into words what it feels each time to read the pen scrawl, "For *my surname*, May the Force be with You". So tho' much much belated I just want to say to Mr. George Lucas, "Thanks, but can you next time add a little smiley face too?"

boo says "Video Games Live = Magic"

Thank you Mr. Tommy Tallarico and Mr. Jack Wall. Not just for creating and bringing Video Games Live to Malaysia. But also for 3 special gifts… 1. For making me insanely joyful 2. For giving me valid reason for whooping like a Red Indian in public without being arrested 3. Finally on the journey to VGL Malaysia experience I unexpectedly made new friends/acquaintances who passionately enjoy video games music!

boo is chuffed. boo is grinning like a happy idiot...